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I recently updated the software with a new colorpicker library I found. Spectrum is a really good jQuery library for picking colors. I’m not sure why I couldn’t find it the first time I looked. Now there is no need for typing in hex codes or having more than one manual set page. It does still let me type in the hex codes if I want though. It even works for mobile.

IMG_0780 IMG_0782

These are now the only two pages I need. It was a good find.


This is my poker table with programmable, digitally addressable, RGB color changing, LEDs with a web interface. I designed the table, the electrical hardware, and did most of the code myself. It uses an Arduino microcontroller, so there was an ample amount of supporting code from the internet. For instance, the LEDs ( I used are digitally addressable and came with a library, so I didn’t have to do all the low level programming for those. However, most of the web programming I borrowed from other projects I had worked on. There weren’t many examples of interfacing the Arduino with a web interface.

The controller is housed in a small HTPC case. I needed an enclosure with enough space to mount my terminal strips, breadboard and connectors, and I needed a power supply capable of 9-12V and 5V, so it worked out. The web pages reside on my small home server. There is a handheld controller that can be used to set all the lights, but after I finished the web app, I realized that wasn’t as fun. I wanted to make a dedicated application on my phone, but decided on the web interface for the cross-platform nature.

It didn’t come out perfectly, but it’s a prototype. Looking back a Raspberry Pi probably would have been a better choice for the controller since I could have embedded the web server. However, the Arduino provided better experience for my Electrical Engineering education. If anyone is working on a project that is similar in any way, let me know if I can help at all!

Later, I finished the regular table top I made to accompany it. After that, I added functionality to choose colors based on hex codes used to pick HTML colors.

The code is located at


Here you can see the table in tournament mode as well as the web interface to go with it.


The result of a few people busting.


Here is the table in manual mode.


Here is the new manual mode where you can pick color codes rather than the 8 colors I hard coded. The color codes are the standard codes used for web programming/styling. A good resource is found at


Finally, the table without the lights.